Williams Tree and Stump Removal

Is a full service Gig Harbor tree removal service, offering the following tree services:

  • Proper pruning
  • Tree removal service in Gig Harbor and surrounding communities
  • Pruning of storm damaged trees
  • Stump grinding
  • View Enhancement through the removal of trees
  • Dead Wood Removal
  • Storm damage tree repairs
  • Fast and Affordable!
  • Serving Gig Harbor, Purdy, Longbranch, Tacoma and surrounding areas.

We have the highest quality, modern and efficient tree removal equipment, that will make your Gig Harbor area tree removal job go quickly and efficiently. Because of this advantage, your tree removal project will be completed in half the time of competitor companies.

Zero Impact to your property, our crews provide exceptional cleanup service, leaving your property as they found it.

Gig Harbor Tree Removal Video

What they are saying about Williams Tree & Stump:

"Mike Was The Best"
I got 3 different quotes and Mike was the best. Not only that, but once I emailed a picture of the tree I wanted removed,
he dropped his quote by $50. He was also able to fit me in the next day.

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Featured Tree
Removal Services

We offer stump grinding services in addition to tree removal.

Branches and other debris are chipped in our wood chipper

Our tree service crew will cut up your logs into firewood.

Our tree service crew will cut up your logs into firewood.

We can grind out event the largest stumps.

Douglas Fir tree being Removed from Fox Island Home

Removing the lower branches first.

The top of the fir tree has been removed.

Working his way down the trunk of the tree.

Once the top has been removed, the trunk is cut into sections.