Gig Harbor Tree Removal Photo Gallery

Photos of tree removal services performed by Williams Tree and Stump of Gig Harbor.

Clearing for new construction, Tree removal and stump grinding.


Tree Removal with the Arbor Pro Tree Lift

Gig Harbor Tree Removal Photos  Gig Harbor Tree Removal Photos  Gig Harbor Tree Removal Photos  Gig Harbor Tree Removal Photos

Exclusive for Williams Tree and Stump: With the new Arbor Pro tree lift, removing your problem trees is safe and quick.


Stump Grinding and Stump Digging


Digging out stubborn stumps with our excavator.


Stump grinding service. We use only the finest high-quality equipment, to finish your job fast and affordable, with low impact on your yard.


Firewood Cutting & Site Cleanup


Cutting fallen logs into firewood.




Cutting fallen logs into firewood sized pieces


Controlled Tree Felling


Controlled felling of large trees in a safe manner is our specialty.


Wood Chipper Service


All branches and small logs are converted to mulch, using our high-powered wood chipping machine.


The crew at Williams Tree and Stump Removal are ready to tackle your most difficult tree removal project!


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